those who were serious about
bettering their lives were given
the opportunity to do so


those who were serious about bettering their lives were given the opportunity to do so

Taste+See exists to mentor men and women who want to work towards a better future. In the world’s most unequal nation, the divide between rich and poor is vast. Taste+See gives those of us with the advantage of resources, the ability to partner with and support those without.

The Taste + See Journey



Step 1: Bible study

Every Thursday afternoon, a group of those looking in, young, and seasoned believers meet to learn more about their identity in Christ, their faith, and the bible. All are welcome to attend this, whether or not they are part of the Taste+See programme.


Step 2: Interview

Once a person has attended bible study for a month, they are invited to attend an interview during which their needs will be assessed and, if they qualify (based on greatest need, no other income sources, etc.), they will be added to a waiting list until there is an opening on the Taste+See year-long programme. 


Step 3: Community Service

The Taste+See programme begins with contribution. Taste+See mentees begin serving on one of several community projects (ranging from township street clean ups to reading with learners to serving in the Taste+See shop) for eight hours during the week. Community service is based on the concept of seeding – Taste+See mentees put in the time and work to model improvement in a community and oftentimes the community themselves then follows suit. This results in the upliftment of the community as a whole as services are rendered and relationships are formed.


Step 4: Shop

The 8 hours worked qualify the mentee to receive a R350 voucher to be used at the Taste+See shop. The shop stocks the basics, including healthy vegetables and R350 will cover a family’s weekly essentials. A prerequisite to receiving the voucher is that mentees provide a budget of their planned spend. In summer and winter, mentees can also choose from a selection of second hand clothes.


Step 5: Bible Study

Bible study continues weekly for those signed up to the Taste+See programme. During this time, they are discipled, counselled, and encouraged.


Step 6: Skills Training

Skills Training
Taste+See mentees are invited to Life Skills training with a local Christian organization called POPUP. The training takes the form of a 5-week course through which mentees learn about their identity in Christ, dealing with trauma, and the basics of job seeking from CVs to interviews.

Domestic Worker Training
Interested mentees complete a 5-week course training the basics of domestic work from cooking to cleaning to childcare. Thereafter they intern in volunteer homes where they can receive on-the-job training and references. This course is supported by Helderberg Development Centre domestic worker training.

Small Business Training
Aspiring entrepreneurs are taken through a small business training course where they are taught everything needed to operate a basic small business from costing and budgeting to marketing, advertising and client service. Thereafter they are matched with an experienced mentor who encourages and coaches them going forward. This course is supported by Paradigm Shift small business training.