Blessed to be a blessing

There are various ways to support Taste+See mentees in their efforts to better their lives.

1. Monthly sponsorship

R1400 covers the costs of supporting a mentee (and their family) for a month. Please consider committing to such a monthly contribution which would secure a place for another person to join the Taste+See year long programme.

2. Once-off donation

Every donation helps and 100% of all donations are used to cover the expenses of Taste+See mentees, whether towards covering the cost of short courses, or the expense of weekly groceries.

3. Gain the Ground

We would like to procure a piece of land within our target community that we can set up as a vegetable garden. The significance of this garden is multifaceted, providing a presence in the community, a garden for food, an outlet for community service and a foot print for future expansion.

4. Second-hand goods

Please consider donating pre-loved items such as clothing (especially decent quality children’s clothes), kitchen utensils, and linen. These items will be placed in the Black Bag Boutique which mentees have an opportunity to access in summer and winter. The Black Bag Boutique is also used to help those who’ve lost their home due to an emergency like a fire.

5. Mentoring

Bible Study

Join our ministry team at The Refinery on Thursdays from 15:00 to 17:00 to disciple people, teaching them about Jesus, faith and the bible.

Domestic Worker Training

We take interested mentees through a 5-week course training the basics of domestic work from cooking to cleaning to ironing and much more. Would you be willing to share your knowledge with a small class of ladies? In addition to facilitators who can teach classes, we need training homes where the mentees can practice what they’ve learnt, get working fit, be mentored, and receive references.

Small Business Training

aspiring entrepreneurs are taught everything needed to operate a basic small business from costing and budgeting to marketing, advertising and client service and then partnered with a business mentor. If you have a business background and a little extra time on your hands, facilitating lessons or mentoring an entrepreneur are powerful ways to change a future.